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About K Sweets         Boutique

K Sweets Boutique is a luxury, chic bakery in Washington, D.C. founded in January 2011 by Kennisha Rainge-Davy.  This bakery specializes in delicious homemade cupcakes and intricately designed cakes for a variety of occasions such as  birthday parties, anniversaries, and weddings. All desserts are personally and exquisitely customized from start to finish in an array of delectable flavors with a luxurious, southern homemade touch.  We look forward to you taking the time out to sweeten your day with as many of K Sweets Boutique’s delicious desserts that your heart desires.

About The Owner

Kennisha Rainge-Davy, originally from Florida, grew up loving to cook for her family and friends. As her baking skills flourished throughout the years, she noticed how happy her gift made other's and that encouraged her to work harder. She continued her education at Florida A&M University; it was here where she began combining her love for baking with the business. Soon after college, she moved to Washington, D.C. and K Sweets Boutique was born. As this business continues to grow each year Kennisha strives to always keep faith,  family, love, and luxury at the center of K Sweets Boutique.

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